About Cleanez Technologies

The demands on today’s dry cleaning industry are changing faster than ever before. With growth and innovation come challenges and problems. Garments are lost. Orders go missing. Software fails or quickly becomes obsolete. One store can’t communicate with another due to incompatible systems.

Cleanez Technologies has the answer. For more than 10 years, we’ve been providing dry cleaning business owners with the tools they need to track their customers’ garments with top speed and accuracy—from front counter through all phases of production.

It's made to fit your business.  Advanced setup options allow you to tailor Cleanez Touch to your specific operation.  Managers can configure workstations to operate in all areas of their business – drop–off, cash-out, mark-in, drive-through, mobile delivery, production, assembly, back office… from start to finish.

Build a better bottom line. Cleanez can help you reduce waste, theft, and inventory losses – all factors that eat away at profits. Our software has helped business owners cut production costs by as much as six percent. Our audit trail plugs cash leaks, and you’ll have total accountability from every worker. And by consolidating several stores’ information into one centralized computer, you’ll waste less time reviewing hard-copy reports.

Bring it all together with hundreds of customized reports to help you control and develop you business. Take advantage of Cleanez’ flexible data format, which integrates with today’s most popular applications – Microsoft Office and QuickBooks.

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